Hi everyone,

There’s so much going on in Sacramento these days and I’m always curious about who it is that is changing and influencing our community. I started this podcast in the hopes of speaking with these folks to see how their minds work and get a little history on how they got started and where they’re hoping to go.

I have to give thanks to some people for helping me make this endeavor possible: My family, my wonderful and supportive girlfriend Sasha, my awesome neighbor Isaac Gonzales for podcast equipment and helping me get this website running, Franny, my sweet dog, and my friends. If I left you off, it wasn’t intentional. Let me know if I did and I’ll update this post and no one will be none the wiser about my omission. Well, you and I will but we shouldn’t linger on that error.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the website and for listening to my interviews.


Johnny Flores

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