Episode 2: Chris Emery

Chris Emery is my second guest ever. EVER!

Chris Emery is a pretty funny guy. When he’s not slinging drinks to thirsty patrons at a local watering hole/restaurant, he’s performing improv as part of the team that makes up Anti-Cooperation League every Saturday night and the Syndicate once a month at the  Sacramento Comedy Spot. He is also one of the instructors that will introduce the theories behind improvisation to people curious and brave enough to give improv a try.

Chris and I discuss how he got started, his journey into LA to audition for commercials while trying to get his foot in the door, being bribed with food as a chubby kid, proscenium arches, and the racist history of Hang Town (Shingle Springs, CA).

We also talk about masturbating. A lot.

There you go.

Thanks for listening to my conversation with Chris Emery!

-Johnny Flores

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